Moneygram and Western Union

If your country is missing from the list on the shop:
Please understand this is not due to some nationalist concept. It is simply a reflection of the rules I must follow to keep my payment processors, insurors, and postal service happy.

There are several possible reasons for a 'missing' country that include: No PayPal support, No parcel insurance available, 'last mile' postal service proven unreliable, too much fraud/loss. If your country is not on the list, it is usually possible to order from me but payment must be made via a non-reversible transaction.

Currently direct bank transfers are not feasible due to high receipt fees in my country (typically $30 + percentages taken at each intermediate bank). Moneygram and Western Union transfer services are without any hidden fees, the amount paid when the transaction is initiated is the final cost of the transfer.

This method of payment effectively shifts all risk of loss from seller (me) to buyer (you) so please be sure you trust your local postal service to get it into your hands, since there will be no recourse if they do not.

The liability terms of the transaction are defined by the Incoterm: 'FCA Oklahoma'.

The upside to this method is you get to choose the shipping class/insurance if available, and avoid my typical handling charge which usually pays for the transaction fee costs associated with credit card orders on my end.

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